You can’t be called Red Carpet Theatre School without having a Red Carpet event now can you! At the end of our Easter/Showcase Term the whole school dons their Hollywood best to attend our official Oscar style awards ceremony where they could win beautiful personally engraved trophies such as Best Singer, Actor or Dancer, Hardest Worker, Best Attitude, Best Performer and role specific awards for all our shows! The kids even get to vote for the winner of their own award, Kids Choice which goes to then student with the most votes! The highlight of the night however, has got to be the big one, The Star Award! This is our biggest and most prestigious award which also makes it definitely the most coveted! It is given to the single student the teachers believe has truly personified everything we are about here at Red Carpet from talent to attitude to dedication within that year! The presentation of this award is our big finish and totally lives up to the hype! But don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at some of the best photos from past awards ceremonies!

Awards Ceremony 2019